General Sands REVEALED as Elam !!

General Sands Inherits Reno’s Rothschild Bank &  The White House

 City of the Sun Open
  VolcanElectric founded
War Over & Throne of David established
♢   God shakes Earth for 6k men to FREE Bundy Militia
   Throne of David Keys found and given to King Julian
   anti-Christ Rothschild spirit confirmed dead in  Reno
   30 Trillion dollar beast  Judged at New York Mellon Bank
   667 Bridge construction to City of the Sun continues in Valley of Vision


⇒  BIG Medicine & Organized Crime
⇒  Five Leaks
that Shocked the World
⇒  Anonymous 
& FBI Say Hillary Clinton is a Criminal
 British Empire Falls for Baby Rape *  with  Vatican Treasurer *
  Swedish Journalist aka King Julian Critic Exposed as Police Agent
⇒  How to Teach Christians Israel is Powered by Satan at the Moment
⇒  Hillary Tied to Human SacrificeGuilty of Murder * as Merrick Garland Hid OK Bombing
 Sands Chair of  The New Fed *
 ⇒  Sanders confirms Trillions missing from Pentagon day before 9/11 *
 Vatican Falls & Swedish Prosecutor Nailed for Child Rape * as King Julian Anointed Throne of David 2AD Jubilee Leap 
 Sands Orders Migrants to Occupy Castles
Assange FREE by God confirmed by Pope for Jubilee
⇒ Military FREE from forced service */ **  as Iraq anti-Corruption Chief says ALL Corrupt
God Destroys Zionism aka Synagogue of Satan 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7

 Emergency Communication Plan   Kit  |  FREE Video Advice

God’s Orphans

USA Funding

For God so loved the World that sHE Forgave

 Beatitudes + Isaiah 61:1 + Woe


Adventures of Anonomobile with Sheriff Sands


All death penalty abolished less slave owners (Militia Interpol ENF).  1/ 2/ 3/ 4

1. Truth is Free to make a plan. *
2. Secret societies banned from public service.
3. Billionaires outlawed & banned from public service.
3. London & US Corps Fed Reserve dismantling in progress. *
4. General Sands to Print NEW MONEY. *
5. All debt forgiven & captives freed. *

A Study of the Origins & History of the 2nd Amendment and American Right to Arms

Princeton University

Sheriff Sands WikiLeaks Playboy
60 MINUTES | Congress Secretly Told to Sell Off Stock Before 2008 Crash

Guys in Grey Ended up as CIA

Whistleblower Kids  |  Bundy Militia & Pete Santilli  |  Leonard Peltier
Julian Assange  |  Barrett Brown * |  Matt DeHart  |  Jeremy Hammond
Kim.Com |  Lauri Love  |  Chelsea Manning  |  William McNeilly
Edward Snowden  |  Kurt Sonnenfeld  |  Jeffrey Sterling  |  Abu Zubaydah

30,000,000 slaves in the Hands of Satanic Billionaires

Anonymous Traces ISIS to British Gov | 15 DEC 2015

 “There’s a covert military criminal government intelligence enterprise operating full throddle, and everyone refuses to investigate it.”
Former FBI Los Angeles Chief Ted Gunderson

CIA Controls Al Qaeda | Presidential Puppetry | Justice Integrity Project

No, I’m not a “United States” federal agent or Russian spy.  Go ahead, make my day.
Spy Search | DOJ Contracting Officers | Elite Gov’t Addresses


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